First Sunday of Lent, 2018

Readings: Homily: How are we supposed to understand and handle temptation?  We’ve just heard in our Gospel that the Holy Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert, and he remained there forty days, tempted by Satan.  Even Jesus was tempted, and to be tempted to sin makes up a large part of our daily lives.  […]

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Feast of Saint Agnes, 2018

Readings today are from the Feast of Saint Agnes.  First reading is from the Common of Martyrs, to which I couldn’t easily find a link. Homily: Happy Feast of Saint Agnes!  We celebrate the feast of our patron today and the Church thinks that’s so important for us that it even replaces the regular readings […]

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2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2018

Readings: Homily: The phrase “come and see” shows up a few times in John’s gospel, and today we have it from Jesus himself.  It’s an invitation to find the answers to our questions, but not just through information, rather through personal experience and walking with Christ. There’s a lot to be said for this:  Often […]

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